Past Life Regression – Evening Workshop in Los Angeles

Wednesday, April 26th, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Peace Yoga Gallery, 903 South Main Street, Downtown LA

The idea of reincarnation is a the heart of every spiritual teaching. It opens us to the understanding that life is primarily and experience – and our bodies are a temporary shell for the spiritual being that we truly are.

Past Life Regression turns this understanding from theory into practical experience.

In the fascinating workshop, you will be taken on a succession of exercises that allow you to explore one or more  past lives that you had. They may give insight into the experiences you have in this lifetime, e.g. illnesses, challenges, or aspects of your personality.  

The workshop will include:

Torsten A. Lange is a Reiki Master, Hay House author, and certified Past Life Regression Therapist. Over the past decade, he has regressed hundreds of clients in his workshops and private sessions, and published the book “Proof of Reiki, Proof of Eternity” detailing the journey of discovering of many of his own past lives. 

Torsten obtained his certification from Brian Weiss, author of bestselling book “Many Lives, Many Masters”, and one of the founders of modern past life regression. 

DISCLAIMER: Please note that a past life memory cannot be guaranteed. But in Torsten’s experience, the vast majority of participants are able to enter their subconscious memory. And usually everybody has deep spiritual experiences.

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