A step-by-step guide to a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life. And a better world.

is one of the most radical books ever written:
It’s not about changing the status quo on this planet – but changing the status quo of the universe.

It creates a path to save the future of humankind – by saving us from ourselves.

Torsten argues that the world has not reached its challenging state as a result of human actions, neglect, or failure. But because we WANTED to experience it so. And the only way to make the changes we crave, is therefore to CONSCIOUSLY UNWANT what we created.

To do this, he proposes a unique way of using Reiki: As a door opener to a higher awareness, a daily bridge to universal guidance, and a surprisingly practical tool for everyday use.

The book is primarily a workbook – with almost 100 simple exercises to transform every aspect of your life. Guided through the stages of realisation, change, and application, you will experience an energetic shift with the turn of every page.

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