NEW: Now entirely video-based

Every exercise will be provided as a video… all you need to do is watch or listen, and let the transformation take place

Free Bonus: Past Life Regression

The only way to create a better future is to learn from the past…
This is why I have added a Past Life Regression as a bonus to the upcoming January challenge.

It will make the program even more powerful – and help us to master the challenges the world is currently experiencing.

I am receiving new information every day, and the January program will be amazingly deeper than ever.
You will learn about Archetypes and Archangels, the concept of free will, and why you have incarnated at this time in human history.

It’s time to leave behind what’s holding you back –

and become the best version of yourself. 

This  powerful coaching program comes with a promise: At the end of these 31 days, you will be a happier person. You will be more content, energetic – and driven by the knowledge that your life has a deep and unique purpose.

Whether it is old habits you want to leave behind, embarking on a career change, dealing with family or relationship issues, looking for more confidence, or simply finding more happiness and momentum – being guided through creative ways to allow Reiki to help can make all the difference!

And – you will find that, the more you change yourself, the more positive impact you can have on others. 

You will receive:

  • 31 emails (one every single day) in your morning inbox with exercises and inspiration

  • 4 weekly live Zoom group coaching sessions (7 pm UK time each Wednesday)

  • 5 weekly Reiju (energy blessings) to boost your Reiki connection (every Monday)

  • A dedicated Facebook group for mutual support (optional)

  • BONUS: Free Past Life Regression in one of the coaching sessions


A replay will be provided for those unable to join the Zoom sessions or the Past Life Regression

This intense and creative 1-month program will take you on a journey to a “better you”:

  • Learn to trust Reiki again, let it take over, and be more confident in everyday life
  • Become more aligned with your life path, find intuitive guidance, and inner strength
  • Discover how to feel happiness every day
  • Boost your creativity, get new ideas and inspirations – and the momentum to get started
  • Find – or deepen – your daily spiritual practice
  • Understand what you are truly looking for in your life
  • Invite positive change
  • Uncover how you can be the change you are seeking
  • Experience spontaneous healing
  • Re-ignite and radiate your inner light
  • Put the new year on a solid inner foundation
  • AND: Discover your unique role in making the world a better place – and put it into action straight away

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