Learn Reiki at home or on the go… These highly comprehensive video-based courses include a personal distant attunement with Torsten – guaranteeing that students can use Reiki straight away. All courses include professional certification. 

The courses can be taken on any device, including a special app for your smartphone.

“My 1st distant attunement was amazing. I felt the warmth in my hands, the energy around, had visions. I do not remember having such experience in the classroom.”    Kate, Course student.


Everything you need to use Reiki for yourself – as well as friends and family.

Learn about the Reiki history, the concept of holistic healing, and how to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others. 

The course includes 4 distant attunements with Torsten.

$ 97 (instead of $ 297)


This course is a continuation of the Reiki 1 training (Reiki in 8 hours) and enables students to take out insurance and practice professionally.

It introduces the fascinating Reiki symbols and shows techniques to deepen our intuition. 


The world’s most most comprehensive Reiki training!

Combining Reiki 1 and 2, it provides 72 video lessons with over 14 hours of content plus downloads.

There are step-by-step guides for every exercise, leaving students both competent and confident to practice Reiki professionally.

$ 297 (instead of $ 597)


Based on the world’s first scientific proof that Reiki works on different vibrational levels, the ReikiScience training takes Reiki to the next level. Following Torsten’s extensive research into the Japanese origins of Reiki, it offers a fascinating new view on the traditional symbols: They are represent the different levels on which Reiki works on – and are represented in the human existence by the three Tanden points (or main chakras): The lower Tanden (or navel chakra) is the key to physical healing and having more energy; the upper Tanden (or brow chakra) is the gateway to intuition and balance; and the central Tanden , the heart chakra, the opening to more love, oneness, and connection. The ReikiScience course is designed to focus on these energy centres – and fine-tune our ability to use Reiki.

Many students described the special ReikiScience attunement as the most powerful and lief-changing they ever experienced. 

$ 197 (instead of $ 797) 


100 years after it was founded, the evolution of Reiki is finally here: 

Stepping Into Consciousness – the Next Level of Reiki Mastery 

There is a new level of Reiki consciousness that we are now ready for! And it is not a separate system, but a development within Usui Reiki. 

The Reiki Master Symbol is the key to stepping into higher consciousness. But we need to know how…

This hugely advanced Master Training allows us to:

  • Give Reiki treatments on a much higher vibrational level 
  • Manifest on the level of consciousness
  • Connect with every level of existence in the universe
  • Raise our vibrations and healing abilities
  • Tangibly discover our true self
  • Understand our life’s purpose
  • Live life on a different level and find profound happiness

$ 597 (instead of $ 1197)