100 years after the system was founded, the evolution of Reiki is finally here:

Stepping Into Consciousness – the Next Level of Reiki Mastery 

There is a new level of Reiki consciousness that we are now ready for! And it is not a separate system, but a development within Usui Reiki. 

Mikao Usui was there at every step of its creation and strongly endorses it as the logical (and necessary) next step. 

Because at the Master level, there was a something missing. Traditionally, in Reiki 1 we open to the energy, and learn how to use Reiki for ourselves and friends and family. In Reiki 2, we are introduced to the fascinating symbols, learn more intuitive techniques (at least in some traditions), and can start practicing professionally. At the Master level, we are taught how to perform attunements, and learn the fourth symbol. 

But what do we actually do with it? 

The Reiki Master Symbol is the key to stepping into higher consciousness. But we need to know how…

This hugely advanced Master Training allows us to:

·      Give Reiki treatments on a much higher vibrational level 

·      Manifest on the level of consciousness

·      Connect with every level of existence in the universe 

·      Raise our vibrations and healing abilities 

·      Tangibly discover our true self 

·      Understand our life’s purpose 

·      Live life on a different level and find profound happiness


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