There is a way

… to enjoy every single day

… to feel deep inner peace

… to bring more meaning into our lives.

There is a way

… to share without losing out

… to have success without it being at someone else’s expense

… to be accepted even though we may be different.

There is a way

… to be free of guilt and shame

… to find understanding and forgiveness

… to live in peace with people we have seen as threatening.

There is a way to replace fear with love

And to re-connect with our soul.

It’s a way that everyone can walk. But we need to do it together.

Thank you for joining us.

“Reiki can transform every normal life into an extraordinary one –

by reconnecting people to the highest energy in the universe.”

Mikao Usui,  1865 – 1926

Founder of Reiki

To my great surprise, a few years ago Mikao Usui started talking to me. After my initial disbelief, this has now become a regular occurrence, and it was indeed Mikao Usui who said that a big change is needed to put us back on the right track. He suggested calling it The Reiki Revolution – and promised to be by our side as our spirit guide.

Raise Your Vibrations
And Make the World a Better Place

Dear Friends, 

Reiki is so much more than just a complementary therapy!

And everybody who has every received it knows this from experience. Reiki can revolutionize our lives.

All we need to do is change our focus: When we look at our “healing hands” and observe the amazing effects, Reiki becomes a complementary therapy. And often stays there. 

But when we look in the other direction and trace the energy back to its source, a whole new dimension opens: A spiritual connection to truth, love and eternity. 

And Reiki becomes a lifestyle.

The Reiki Revolution provides the platform to help you on the path – with inspiration, guidance, techniques, and support.

By using Reiki every day, we can raise our vibrations in quantum leaps!

So, please join us… raise your vibrations… and let your light radiate into the world! 

Love, Torsten                                                                                                     

Torsten A. Lange, Reiki Master 

Revolutionize Yourself AND Create a Better World


The INNER Revolution

Improve your life, your health
& your happiness

Let Reiki help you to…

  • Find your life’s purpose
  • Uncover your hidden talents
  • Find your spiritual anchor
  • Be confident on your life’s path
  • Be ready for the daily challenges 
  • Get more energy
  • Improve your health
  • Deepen your intuition
  • Re-connect with your soul

The OUTER Revolution

Improve the life of people around you – and on a global scale

Let Reiki help you to…

  • Share love and joy
  • See the soul in every other person
  • Bring harmony into you family, workplace, and community
  • Find the energy to help others
  • Share Reiki naturally with everyone
  • Find out how you can make a unique difference in the world
  • Take care of the planet